Heavy Hauling

Is Heavy Hauling Dangerous to the Driver

Because of the nature of the items that are transported during heavy hauling, the danger to the driver is slightly higher than with a regular load.  This is because of the extra weight associated with the single piece of equipment.  The maximum weight allowance is still the same as for any other truck, but the weight distribution is different.  A driver working in this field is usually experienced with this type of load and knows how to compensate for the weight difference, so the danger is very similar to regular load hauling.

Help with Heavy Hauling Projects

Your boss may have asked you to transport a large piece of equipment from one job site to another.  The problem is that you have no experience with heavy hauling projects and do not know where to start.  The best place to start is to contact LTA Logistics, Inc. either online or by calling their 24-hour service center at 1.888.502.0582.

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