California Invests in Heavy Haul Trucks that Promote Cleaner Air Quality

Even though the large rigs and heavy haul trucks necessary for completing large scale projects are thought to be major pollutants, completing a heavy cargo project does not have to be an environmental disaster. California air quality agencies are investing $23.6 million into zero and low-emission drayage trucks that assist California ports in heavy project cargo management. Drayage trucks are used to transport cargo between short distances, such as from ships to trains or between ports and rail yards. These short haul trucks are pivotal in managing different components of a large project and transporting pieces of equipment across short distances.

The investment targets drayage trucks because they are among the oldest and dirtiest vehicles on California roads, according to a member of the California Air Resources Board. By utilizing cleaner, more advanced technology for heavy haul transport, the hope is that air quality in communities neighboring California’s busy ports will improve and foster better public health. More and more, agents in heavy cargo project management are fighting to meet higher air quality and greenhouse gas standards. The new trucks will be a mix of electric battery-powered fleets and low-emission hybrid plug-in fleets.

As the cleaner drayage trucks begin to deploy, the hope is that other heavy haul trucks will take notice and realize battery-powered fleets are reliable and more efficient for cargo transport. Some manufacturers are even experimenting with trucks that are able to switch between diesel fuel and electric mode. This feature would allow the fleet to run on diesel mode for longer distances and then switch to electric when traveling through communities with poorer air quality.

While the investment is slatedonly for short-haul trucks, the multi-million dollarproject serves as a starting point in figuring out how to utilize low-emission technology into heavy haul trucks traveling long distances.Currently, the battery-powered vehicles can travel with a full load for up to 10 miles. Because construction sites and demolition projects rely on the transport of heavy machinery, equipment, materials, and debris, the switch to low-emission heavy haul trucks may be invaluable for the future of heavy project cargo management.

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