Electricity Generated Heavy Haul Tractor Unveiled

Heavy equipment transporter have begun to toy in recent years with the idea of a fleet that is able to run on electricity rather than fuel. Recently, Nikola Motors Co. has delivered on that vision. In Salt Lake City, Utah, “Nikola One” was introduced—a heavy haul tractor that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Not only does Nikola One run on electricity, but plans for the tractor include a freight matching service—Nikola Shipments— and a 21-inch computer screen built into the dashboard that could be used for diagnostics. Nikola One will also have a braking system that will offer more stopping power. A regenerative braking system will be used in combination with an automatic emergency braking system to afford the vehicle more power and control.

Nikola One’s total cost of ownership will be “all-inclusive”, meaning it will cost $5,000-$7,000 a month to lease, but the payment covers the vehicle and all of its hydrogen fuel, maintenance support, warranty coverage, tires, wiper blades, and even washes. Hydrogen fuel and other accessories will be offered through a network of 364 refueling sites that are soon to be built. Nikola’s president and CEO, Trevor Milton, addressed all of Nikola One’s extra features by comparing the heavy haul transporter to an iPhone, stating the phone wouldn’t be what it is without the built-in music player, photo viewer, video service, and apps. Similarly, Nikola One will include a package of services that aims to have everything a heavy haul trucker may need in one vehicle.

Environmental factors seem to be in Nikola One’s favor as well. The fuel cells emit nothing but water vapor, eradicating the need for after-treatment systems to address heavy exhaust. Nikola one is expected to last at least 2 million miles. Already, over 8,000 reservations for the heavy equipment transporter have been made, with initial deposits amounting to near $4 billion even though production of the truck isn’t due until 2020.

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