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Mobile Apps to Improve Trucking Efficiency  

Smartphone’s are omnipresent these days and it would be reasonable to expect an app for just about anything. There are many apps for trucking and traveling in general, which the commercial transportation industry including farm equipment hauling and livestock transportation among others can make use of. The question though is which ones are worth using. However, any product released by or backed by Wright Media LLC which claims to be the largest maker of smartphone apps for the trucking industry is probably worth at least taking a look at.

Fuel Dawg

Recently released, Fuel Dawg is a free-to-use app that gives the fuel prices at more than 6000 fueling stations across the country. It is updated in real time by its users and can be used to figure out which stations along your route offer the cheapest fuel, so that you can save some money during your process of fuel transportation or farm equipment hauling. Apart from fuel prices, Fuel Dawg also shows the quality of food, service, and amenities at the fuel stations through a user rating system. The app also allows updating your Facebook status, which can help gather and share information, for example about your experience at a fuel station or a truck stop, or a warning to other drivers about the weather or road

The app takes GPS information of the driver and shows the closest gas stations and the prices of diesel at each station. Fuel prices may not be too different between two stops. But if you consider that trucks fill up about 60-70 times a month on an average, even savings of 20 cents per filling can add up to a savings of $1200-$1400 a month. Wright Media CEO Kenny Wright points out that many more features are yet to be implemented in the app. User feedback among the trucking community such as those that handle vehicle transportation, raw material hauling, and farm equipment hauling is currently being sought out to determine the growth of the product.

Truck Stops

Truck Stops is a paid app for Android and iOS users that gives you information on the nearest truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas, potential overnight parking spots, and more. The app is regularly updated and has thousands of locations marked on a Google maps interface. You can filter the various location options, and locations marked on the app are also provided with phone numbers if available, so that you can get in touch with the establishment for any details you would need before arrival.

The app is also driver friendly in that you do not need more than one finger to use most of its features and you need not navigate through multiple screens to access a feature. This allows drivers to concentrate on the road without taking up too much time to operate the phone.

Other Apps

Among other useful apps is LTA Logistics – one of the most well known heavy equipment Transport Company in the heavy haul transportation industry. This app allows truckers to find out all loads available along a route, be it farm equipment hauling, chemical transportation, or goods hauling so that trips can be planned ahead by factoring in variables such as fuel costs, travel time, toll costs, and others. This can help maximize profit for truckers.

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