Four Fun Facts About Heavy Haul Trucking

Everyone on the road has seen giant 18-wheeler trucks running up and down the nation’s highways, with their massive trailers and other heavy hauls in tow. These trucks are undoubtedly brilliant pieces of human engineering as they tow tens of thousands of pounds and are responsible for about 65-75 percent of the nation’s total shipping processes. Below are four fun facts that you may not have known about heavy haul trucking and what these trucks are capable of accomplishing.

1. Heavy haul trucks can carry up to 80,000 pounds. This weight limit is not restricted by what the truck is capable of carrying, but by government regulations to protect roads, highways, and bridges.

2. 18-wheeler trucks average about four to eight miles per gallon of diesel gas. Heavy haul trucking costs immense amounts of fuel and without the help of a truck’s two 100-gallon fuel tanks, they would not be able to make it very far.

3. Trucks have on average six times more torque than a normal passenger car. It is not surprising that it takes a lot of power to be able to tow so much weight, but 18-wheeler truck engines are also roughly four times the size of a typical car engine.

4. It can take up to two football fields before a heavy haul truck can come to a complete stop from 55 mph. Trucks stop roughly 40% slower than passenger vehicles; however, this difference can increase dramatically depending on road conditions and payload.

Heavy haul trucking remains the backbone of the transportation industry, without it no consumer goods would be able to be delivered in a timely manner. At LTA Logistics, we are dedicated to finding optimal solutions for all of our client’s heavy haul trucking problems. Contact us at (888)-502-0582 today to learn more about our services.

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