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Types of Freight Shipping

A smoothly functioning supply chain is the heart of many industries. Regular and unhindered delivery keeps the warehouses functioning properly and your customer happy and satisfied at all times. Freight companies is what supplies most of the warehouses and it is essential for supply chain based companies to hire the right transportation company and also the right carrier. Freight shipping can be a daunting task and requires massive amount of planning. One of the crucial aspects where most companies commit mistakes is while choosing the right type of carrier.

Here’s a list of some of the commonly used carriers so you can take an informed decision on any freight companies.

Flatbed trucks

Flatbed trucks are one of the most widely used modes of freight transports. Flatbed trailers are usually customizable and can cater to any size of load based on your specifications. Flatbeds are excellent for oversize load trucking. One of the main reasons why flatbeds are excellent for oversize loads is the dimensional flexibility that these carriers offer.

There are several different types of freight companies that cater to different types of cargo. Some of them are as follows

  • Step-Deck
  • Double-Drop
  • Maxi
  • RGN
  • Traditional Flatbed carriers

Dry van carriers

This is also one of the most widely used modes of freight transport. A dry van is nothing but a standard closed trailer without any temperature control equipment. Dry van carriers are ideal whenever your cargo can easily fit inside a standard truck. But if your cargo is perishable or contains oversize load, dry van shipping is of no use.

Temperature control trucks

Temperature control may be required depending on the type of cargo you are transporting. Perishable items such as frozen meats and beverages need to be kept at cooler temperatures in order to avoid any damages due to weather conditions. Any small mistake in the temperature settings can render your commodities useless and can also adversely affect customer relationships.

Temperature control or refrigerated trucking can be performed in two different methods. Firstly you can engage a complete reefer for your cargo. Secondly, whenever your cargo is not large enough to fully occupy an entire reefer, you can also engage a less than truckload service whereby your cargo will be shipped along with other cargo that requires refrigeration. This mode can help you save on all the transport charges compared to engaging a separate carrier.

Expedited trucking

Expedited trucking is the new buzz word in the heavy hauling industry. Expedited shipping is used for urgent consignments on road, rail, sea or air in just a matter of minutes. Most of the established transportation companies offer this facility at a premium. Expedited trucking can delivery goods for up to 1000 miles on road within 24 hours and is a reliable method to be used only in emergencies.

While considering expedited trucking, you must always choose a reputed and well established transportation company as the delivery of your cargo is in question. Also any company that offers fringe benefits such as insurance and other guarantees is worth the premium you pay.

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