Hauling Refrigerated Items – How to Safely Transport Perishables

Identifying Perishable Items
Transporting goods that require a specific environment can be a challenging feat. The items and conditions set for the heavy haul trucking companies prevent a number of risks that come with improperly transporting goods. The first step in preparing to haul perishable items is to identify if the product requires refrigeration. The Perishable Cargo Regulations Manual (PCR) which sets the worldwide standard for transporting sensitive goods defines perishables as anything that will spoil over a given amount of time if exposed to certain temperatures. These items include meats, dairy products, and some prescriptions.

Risks in Hauling Chilled Items
There are a number of hazards that can reduce the quality of temperature-sensitive goods when being transported. Other then the obvious risk of keeping the items at an inadequate temperature, there are many ways that the quality of goods merchandise can be compromised. A major issue is cross-contamination due to careless handling or packing. This can cause serious health risks and financial loss for those involved. Additionally, there are risks in using equipment that is unsanitized or unregulated which can cause issues with pest control and quality. Some hauling businesses practice improper temperature control and loading techniques and may store cargo in inadequate conditions before putting it on the truck. Therefore it is important to invest in heavy haul trucking companies that will professionally handle goods of all types.

Restrictions in the Transportation Process
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the PCR work to make the transportation of refrigerated goods as risk-free as possible. One restriction is that the heavy haul trucks that transport refrigerated goods must be cleanable and capable of maintaining the temperatures set to transport the cargo. Stock must also be loaded in a way that prevents the cross-contamination mentioned previously. Training is also an important restriction for those transporting perishable items. The carrier personnel must be educated in handling the conditions of all types of products and have a certification. Overall, the vehicle must be sanitary and temperature controlled, the goods must be packed professionally, and the staff must be skilled enough to be responsible for the goods.

Transporting with LTA Logistics
One of the main services at LTA Logistics is our accommodations for refrigerated trucking. Our workers have experience in the heavy haul trucking business and are highly qualified to work with any type of perishable good. LTA Logistics guarantees sound and careful decisions in handling cargo and understand how to prevent the risks that come with transporting perishables. Any business or individual can contact us for the help of trained officials who can keep their cargo cool and ready to carry. Please do not hesitate to book our services.

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