Heavy Equipment Hauling Rates

All You Need to Know About Construction Trailers

In the construction industry, transportation of heavy equipments, machinery, materials, and debris is a critical and daily requirement. These items are difficult to move using ordinary vehicles. Construction trailers fulfill this need and offer a variety of trailer types to suit all kinds of hauling requirements. Some construction trailers are even customized to suit specific demands.

Dump trailers in construction sites

Dump trailers are used in the construction industry as they are manufactured using high-quality materials and modern processes. They are able to handle extreme stress and strain that they are subjected to. Dump trailers used in construction sites perform functions like moving rocks or dirt and millings.

They can carry heavy loads, store debris generated from construction, and release it at an appropriate place like a waste dump, or wherever required. Generally, drop-axle dump trailers are used in construction sites. This type of trailer provides a ramp for loading large equipments like wheeled items and others. Many people prefer dump trailers to dump trucks because they are cheaper, and can be detached from the main towing vehicle when not needed.

Heavy equipment hauling rates of dump trailers start from $1000 and go up to $80,000. The rates are dependent on the size and style of the trailer. A long, wide, and deep dump trailer is suitable for use in the construction industry where loads will be typically bulky, heavy, and large in size.

Goose-necks in construction

Goose-neck trailers have a capacity to carry extremely heavy and oversize loads making them useful in construction sites. Goose-neck trailers are of two types – with flatbeds and with tilt beds. Goose-neck trailers with flatbeds are used to transport equipments that are medium to large in size. Tilt bed trailers are available in 6 to 12 ton models and can be tilted when loading and unloading heavy equipment.

Flatbed trailers come with features like tie downs of stake pockets, drop foot jack with capacity of 10,000 pounds, pressure treated decks, and safety chains for equipment. Tilt bed trailers offer features like a loading angle between 11° and 14°, rear impact guards, oak decking, and sealed wiring harnesses.

Heavy equipment hauling rates of a goose-neck trailer ranges from $6000 to $90,000 approximately, depending on the type of trailer and manufacturer chosen. There is a wide variety to choose from and the right choice would depend on the requirements at the construction site.

Equipment trailers in construction

Equipment trailers are used in a construction site for moving equipment that is small or medium in size. They are ideal for hauling building parts or heavy equipment like machinery to the construction site. There are equipment trailers for all kinds of loads, having different weight-bearing capacities, so you can easily choose the right one if the kinds of loads that are needed to be hauled are known.

Heavy equipment hauling rates of equipment trailers start from $1000 and can go up to the range of $60,000 depending on the manufacturer, size, make, and features. Features like suspension, tires, hitch, decking, jacks, fenders, type of welding, and frames need to be considered when choosing the right equipment trailer for construction.

Equipment trailers are made using standard slipper spring suspension and mainframe made of channel iron. Axles and tubing cross-members help these trailers bear heavy loads. Another feature is tail along lines that help them in transporting heavy-duty items over long distances.

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