Heavy Equipment Transporters Route Planning Tips and Tricks

During a transport, infinite unpredictable situations could arise on the open road. From heavy traffic to inclement weather, even some of most experienced heavy equipment transporters in the industry may not be able to accurately assess all possible outcomes on the highways. Such unpredictability is why it is imperative to choose an experienced and qualified heavy equipment transporter to deliver your heavy haul. At LTA Logistics, we ensure timely and safe deliveries for all of our clients, a commitment we practiced and perfected throughout our entire longstanding career.

Effective Route Planning Tips and Tricks

With technology advancing faster than it ever has, there are now more ways for a heavy equipment transporter to effectively plan their route to avoid any possible delays. Planning a route is no longer about finding the shortest path to your destination. Heavy equipment transporters must now take into account average traffic levels, time of day, and many other factors for every road they utilize. Modern GPS takes many of these variables into account and plans accordingly, but even this technology has its faults. Driver fatigue is perhaps one of the most important aspects of route planning because heavy equipment transporters must find suitable and safe places for their drivers to rest. Some of the most common and effective route planning tips for delivering heavy hauls include:

• Plan ahead for every rest stop needed
• Frequently recalculate the route on your GPS
• Effectively communicate with other truck drivers through CB radio
• Check weather forecast for every passing city
• Ensure your vehicle safety equipment is tailored to the terrain of the route

These are only some of the numerous measures that LTA Logistics accounts for while planning for every route to ensure a punctual delivery.

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If you or someone you know is in need of a heavy equipment transporter, know that not every transportation company uses effective route planning methods. At LTA Logistics, we understand the value of the heavy haul and the consequences of a delayed delivery. Contact our office today at (888) 502-0582 to speak with a member of the LTA Logistics team.

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