Heavy Haul Regulations Vary By State

Moving large cargo is not as simple as loading it up and hitting the road. There are numerous rules and regulations that must be followed by heavy haul truckers. Permits must be acquired and load sizes need to adhere to limitations imposed on weight and size. What’s more are these rules can vary from state to state, meaning a truck that is legal in one state might not be roadworthy in another?

Many people assume that the federal government supplies permits and writes the rules for heavy haul trucking activity. It’s responsible for regulations for regular 18-wheeler, so why wouldn’t that hold true for heavy haul trucks?

Navigating State Regulations

The truth of the matter is, these rules are determined individually by the states. Each state gives out its own permits; meaning in order to move a heavy load across state lines, a truck will have to be compliant in both states and will also need to be permitted to operate within the state’s borders. Because these rule sets are inconsistent, it can be challenging to figure out what, exactly, the best way to plan around all of them may be.

For instance, Texas has relatively lax rules for heavy haul loads. Trucks can be up to 14 feet tall and as many as 65 feet long. If your cargo originates in Texas and travels into neighboring Oklahoma, where the laws are more restrictive, it may suddenly no longer be legal to drive. In Oklahoma, the maximum length allowed is just less than 60 feet, and that’s only on specific highways. The maximum height is 13’6”. On top of this, there’s the process of getting a permit for each state and planning a route that will be legal to traverse with a single truck. These challenges can all add up and become rather costly to deal with without the help of someone who is well-versed in navigating through them.

How a Heavy Haul Trucking Company Can Help

At LTA Logistics, moving heavy haul loads is what we do. We have extensive experience figuring out the best ways to route and transport heavy haul loads. Our professional staff and drivers can design a plan that adheres to all the state regulations your cargo may encounter between point A and point B. To learn more about the services we provide, call LTA Logistics at (888) 502-0582.


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