Heavy Haul Trade Show Transportation Services

Trade shows elicit images of classic cars, family automobiles, or motorcycles, but not heavy haul transport. In reality, trade show trucking is a big part of the heavy hauling industry, and most experienced drivers have attended at least one trade show in their careers. LTA Logistics offers its own trade show transportation services, and we’ve highlighted the importance of these events below.

Why You Should Attend a Trade Show

Trade shows are becoming better known in heavy hauling for good reason. Networking is one of the biggest benefits of participating in trade shows. At a heavy hauling exhibition, you can showcase your vehicle and the products your company ships. You can focus on the unique and innovative aspects of your product and your freight-hauling services and attract new clients. Most trade show attendees use the time to scope out their competitors, too.

Discreet “intel work” can let you know what different heavy hauling companies are investing in and how well they’re doing. If a competitor sells or transports a product similar to yours, examine their product closely. Determine what aspects of your version make it different from (and superior to) other options. Finding a more successful aspect of a competitor’s product will let you know where to improve yours.

Additionally, trade shows offer an opportunity to be creative and adventurous. Remember, in all industries, entrepreneurs come to compete. Make yourself stand out, whether that’s with a well-decorated booth, fun freebies, or photos with some of your company’s employees.

Our Trade Show Services

While many drivers take their vehicles to exhibitions, trade show trucking can also involve displays of the inventory companies commonly works with. LTA Logistics offers services for both haul trucking and inventory shipments, ensuring you and your products reach the trade show quickly, efficiently, and safely.

We provide continuous updates on your inventory’s travel, apprising you of any delays or vehicle breakdowns and working to repair them as quickly as possible. We consult all trade show participants extensively to determine how their loads are best handled. We also welcome any questions, no matter how unusual or detailed, and will do our best to answer them thoroughly. LTA Logistics participates in trade shows in and around the Miami area and can ship trade show trucking inventory all across Florida. If you’re interested in attending a trade show in a nearby state, contact us for more specific details.

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