Heavy-Haul Trucking in California to Undergo Major Change

In California, a recent environmental plan to improve air quality and protect global climate is targeting the freight industry, detailing a strategy for releasing over 100,000 heavy haul trucks that are capable of zero emission as well as maximizing vehicles with low emission operations. The Sustainable Freight Action Plan intends to transition all freights in the state to zero emission technologies by 2050. As heavy-haul trucks have the highest rates of energy use and emission, the change is part of a statewide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, as heavy-haul trucking is a very large economic driver—making up one-third of California’s economy and jobs— the freight industry must remain economically competitive while being environmentally conscious. This means that along with the decreased pollution and transition to heavy-haul trucks that are not as harmful to the environment, the state must also significantly invest in heavy haul infrastructure and technology. Luckily, this opens up plenty of opportunities for the private sector to capitalize on the change, with many companies already trying to find creative solutions to meet the plan’s goals. These innovative improvements include electric truck lanes, vehicle-to-grid projects, and renewable diesel internal-combustion engines.

Because California policies often catalyze federal policy changes, eyes will be on the state to see how effective the transition is. Upon the analysis of the results, questions of whether the environment and economy would further benefit from federal implementation will be introduced. Unique alternative options to diesel fuel may change the heavy haul industry substantially in the near future.

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