Heavy Haul Trucking Company

Heavy haul trucking companies

When you have to transport large machinery or equipment across the state or even across the country, you have to be able to count on your heavy haul trucking companies. Behind each dispatch is the skill and experience necessary to make every heavy hauling trip successful with LTA Logistics. Our team prides itself on providing our customers with the quality services that other heavy haul trucking companies simply cannot or will not do.

Transporting machinery of this stature often necessitates partial or full disassembly. If the equipment is not dismantled correctly, then it risks being damaged when stored or moved. In the worst case, this could render your equipment unusable on arrival, costing you precious time and money. But the team at LTA Logistics has years of experience working with equipment and machinery from a wide range of industries, so you can be sure that your property will be handled and stored safely for the long road ahead.

Additionally, some other heavy haul trucking companies fail to take into account the benefits of proper route planning. LTA Logistics spends substantial time researching a route that not only considers which course will get your shipment to your destination quicker, but also which route requires the minimum amount of red tape. Some states require extensive and expensive permits for specialized transportation, and others have restrictive rules and regulations that may make the haul more difficult. We take all of this in consideration when designing the optimal route for your specific situation and cargo.

At LTA Logistics, our skilled team is ready and willing to help new and existing customers with their heavy hauling needs. Unlike many other heavy haul trucking companies, we have an extensive returning client base, built from many years of satisfied customers who trust us for all of their moving needs.

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