Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Lift Axels

While it may not be obvious to most people, heavy haul trucking companies are aware of the complexities and considerations of moving cargo from one place to another. Some of the more common technical aspects of trucking include attaching the right sized trailer for the job, making sure the cargo is loaded into the truck in a safe way, and managing fuel consumption to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete a job.

One of the more technical things heavy haul trucking companies need to consider is what kind of axels to use on their vehicles. Axels have come a long way since their invention alongside the wheel. Its most basic functions are to attach the wheel to the vehicle. Axels also provide an axis against which the wheels spin, giving the system its torque and ability to move. There are many kinds of axels, from the most primitive fixed axels to complex lift axels.

Advanced lift axel technologies use computers and hydraulics to determine a load’s weight and whether the wheels attached to them need to be used at all. Lift axels are capable of literally lifting their wheels off the ground, which can be useful for a handful of reasons. Sometimes, the extra wheels are simply not needed. Lifting unneeded tires off the ground provides heavy haul trucking companies with a number of benefits. For example, a load might not be so heavy as to necessitate the extra support another axel provides. In these cases, a lift axel can be raised. This can improve fuel consumption since there is less drag against the road. It also reduces wear on tires that aren’t being used and allows the heavy hauler’s braking system to function with improved efficiency, since there are fewer wheels it needs to stop. Lifted axels can also improve a vehicle’s turn radius.

In the normal configuration, a lift axel provides all of the functionality of a regular driving axel. Raising and lowering an axel also allows heavy haul trucking companies to comply with differing weight-bearing laws between states. They provide a great benefit to heavy haulers and can help simplify heavy cargo project management. If you’ve got an upcoming heavy haul trucking project, you can turn to the trusted professionals of LTA Logistics. Call us at (888) 502-0582 to learn more about our services.

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