Heavy haul trucking is in high demand right now

Heavy haul truck

Heavy haul trucking is in high demand right now, especially with the huge rise in the construction and manufacturing industries. With an increasingly mobile society, companies and individuals often need to move their large machinery, vehicles, and equipment from one state to another, often traversing the entire country. Fortunately, your needs can be met with a dependable heavy haul trucking company like LTA Logistics working at your side.

We believe that an important part of your heavy haul truck service should be a dedicated point of contact. At LTA Logistics, we assign each of our clients an individual team member who will be your primary contact regarding your transportation needs throughout the process. This personalized service will provide you with an easily accessible outlet for all of your questions or concerns at any hour of the day. There are few companies in our industry that can afford you this kind of individualized attention, but we know the difference it makes in the process.

Additionally, you should be able to trust that your heavy haul truck company is experienced. This means that the equipment or machinery being moved is managed as it should be: it needs to be dismantled properly, stored safely, and unloaded without incident. While other companies might sacrifice diligence for volume, LTA Logistics values the integrity of complex vehicles, equipment, and machines above all else.

The team at LTA Logistics knows how important efficiency is, which is one reason why we plan the route for your move so carefully. We prepare for any permits or escorts you may need well in advance, and design a carefully constructed route to ensure that your equipment arrives in a timely manner.

No cargo is too tall, too heavy, or too challenging for LTA Logistics. Let us demonstrate for you what makes us one of the top heavy haul truck companies in the nation.

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