Heavy Haul Trucking Technology Driving the Trucking Industry

Technology is an evident game changer in most industries, from retail and food service to entertainment and agriculture. Along with creating entirely new multi-million dollar industries, such as ride-sharing and electronic books, technology enhanced existing fields by outsourcing tasks normally performed by humans to computers. This modernization is making businesses more efficient by decreasing the need for labor and offsetting the possibility of human error. Heavy haul trucking is the next industry slated for innovation. The advent of the Internet is allowing communication and logistical planning to be easier and more accessible than ever.

Currently, there are digital services that serve as secure transportation marketplaces. These services connect customers with professional heavy haul truckers who may lend their services with the click of a button. In addition to quickly connecting with shipping customers, digital transport marketplaces can target high-paying freights, negotiate deals, and expand their network through the worldwide accessibility of the Internet. These marketplaces also offer tools that connect freight companies to logistical information that can make their journeys smoother and more efficient. For example, heavy haul truckers can have immediate access to information such as equipment dimensions, whether or not drop off locations have a loading dock, and specific permit requirements. The wide range of services that new technology in heavy haul trucking offers is cutting out intermediaries and eliminating uncertainty during expeditions. These advancements decrease the possibility of inaccurate information and logistical mishaps that can cause frustration, time delays, and procedural setbacks.

Additionally, a report by a worldwide management firm, McKinsey & Company, revealed that the commercial transport industry should expect a fifty percent increase in revenue over the next decade. The growth is a direct result of the new technologies. These reports indicate the imminent introduction of semi-autonomous heavy haul trucks, which will reduce costs for trucking companies while increasing the demand for new trucks.

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