About LTA Logistics

We are a leading heavy haul transportation and logistics company with over 55 years of combined experience. We transport anywhere within the USA, Canada, or Mexico and can provide many transport options that are catered to the needs of our clients. We offer solutions and solve any issues that might arise before and during the transportation of any load or logistics projects.

Our philosophy is “Your Mission Our Readiness”. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the 3rd Party Logistics Industry.

Our specialty throughout the years has been the transportation of Heavy Construction Equipment (Special Attention Loads) like mining equipment such as Hydraulic Excavators, Draglines, Drills, Roof Bolters, Continuous Miners, Longwall Miners, Rock Dusters, Crawler Tractors, Motor Graders, Wheel Loaders, and Asphalt Equipment to name a few. We take pride in ourselves for providing proactive services from dismantling of heavy machinery to providing storage unit for it. Call us at +1-888-502-0582 to learn more.

Our Strength

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Vehicles with GPS Monitoring
  • No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees
  • Experienced and Qualified Drivers
  • Modern Technology and Equipment
  • Professional and Specialized Mechanics
  • Delivery across USA, Canada and Mexico
  • On Time Deliveries with Competitive Pricing
  • Monitored Progression for Smooth Operations

Our Specialization

  • Heavy and oversize equipment transportation
  • Domestic oversize load transportation
  • Heavy project cargo management
  • Project management for specialized shipments
  • Supply chain management
  • Special attention loads transportation
  • Logistics Consulting
  • Pick up and deliver anywhere inside US, Canada, Alaska, and Mexico


When it comes to the transportation of oversize/heavy haul loads, Heavy Equipment Transport provides special trucks and trailers as well as experienced and knowledgeable drivers specializing in heavy haul trucking solutions. We are always prepped for unexpected situations be it road blocks or extreme weathers.

We also provide pilot cars with escorts when required on some specialized shipments as heavy equipment movers. We are completely amenable with the interstate and cross border transport regulations and have a healthy reputation with the officials. With all the required permits and specialized routes we can deliver anywhere in USA, Canada and Mexico.


We offer a variety of open roof flatbed trailers to transport any type of shipment, be it long, oversized, or wide load. The main advantage of our flat bed trailers is that you can quickly and easily load your heavy haul shipment. When it comes to your Flatbed trailer shipments, we provide Step Deck, Flatbed LTL and Flatbed Trucking for your transportation needs.

We provide exclusive personalized service, including real-time load tracking and a single point of contact. All the required permits are obtained in-house to reduce your costs and guarantee the highest quality, with full regulatory compliance. All of our Flatbeds are driven by knowledgeable drivers dedicated to the safe delivery and rapidity of your shipment anywhere you need it within USA, Canada and Mexico.


We offer transport of your military unit and supplies with detailed care ensuring your trust. All kinds of routine equipments as well as specialized equipment that require heavy haul loads are transported by us. Whatever is your requirement for military equipment transportation, we have the experience and expertise of delivering them to military bases and ports throughout USA and Canada.


Let our experienced professional drivers handle with special care your commodities requiring refrigerated transport. We pick-up and deliver refrigerated load and dry commodities load always on-time because we understand the nature of these products/commodities.

We specialize in anything from pharmaceuticals to fresh food and produce taking into consideration each load’s shipping characteristics. We also verify the seals of all such trailers pre-delivery and post-delivery. We offer options of refrigerated trucking for all the temperatures. Trust us to keep your refrigerated commodities controlled and cooled and delivered them safely anywhere across USA, Canada and Mexico.


Heavy Equipment Transport offers Power Only transportation options for hauling equipment. We offer power only transportation options for dry vans, flatbeds, containers and refrigerated loads. We also specialize in over-sized equipments hence satisfying a broad spectrum of customers having different freight transportation needs.

We offer power only local runs and long haul freight transportation. All of our power units can fit any type of trailer specifications. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals can arrange the shipping of any type of unit for you with our power-only trucking transportation options throughout USA, Canada, and Mexico.


Heavy Equipment Transport is a cost effective, safe, superior quality and flexible specialized transportation logistics who provide the highest level of customer service when it comes to the transportation of products to trade shows throughout the United States and Canada. Transporting your trade show exhibits — such as valuable products, electronics, furniture and fixtures, or shipment requiring climate control — has never been so expedite and easy for you as with us.

Our experienced professionals will continuously update you on the progress of your load and assist you, if needed. Let us and our qualified drivers take care of the transit by dedicated trailer and dock to dock service for you. Whether a partial or full load, our experienced, and knowledgeable representatives will help your next trade show be a success.


We offer services of dismantling of equipments if your machine needs it, prior to or after being delivered. Whether it is the dismantling of a machine or an industrial building, our professional, knowledgeable and experienced team can successfully do it all.

We have specialized and skilled mechanics who are experienced in technical and sensitive handling. Let our skilled specialists do all the difficult and time consuming work for you. We offer and manage everything…dismantling of your machine, the loading of your machine, and the transportation of your machine as well.

We are an experienced staff of professionals that provides you and your machine a special attention and extravagant customer services while delivering it anywhere across USA, Canada and Mexico.


We value that your vehicle is important to you and that’s why it is being accompanied with you on your journey. We aim to make these long trips as safe and simple as possible by assigning a transport specialist to each of our reservations.

Hence you will always have someone to guide you directly when you need assistance. Beginning with the reservation and continuing right on through the delivery, our trained transportation specialist will let you know where your vehicle is at all times during the transport. We offer to deliver our auto transportation services to you in the entire USA, Canada and Mexico. Some of the key features that are included in our auto transportation package are –

  • Full Coverage Insurance
  • Free Pre-inspection, for Out Of State Purchases (EBay, Auto-Trader)
  • Up To 100 pounds Allowed In Vehicles Trunk
  • Vehicle Stays On The Same truck
  • Modern Technology & Equipment