Heavy Haul Waste Recycling Services Require Strategic Planning

While hauling cargo usually entails transportation of valuable equipment and machinery, heavy haul transportation of recyclables, bulk waste, and discarded containers in the U.S. is an often over looked necessity. Waste hauling is a necessary and competitive landscape that relies on which company can haul the most trash at the lowest expense possible; remaining competitive in the game requires extensive heavy project cargo management experience and know-how.

Many waste transportation companies minimize their operating costs by strategically making their heavy cargo loads as lightweight as possible with an “every pound counts” mentality. This can be done through reduction of weight in tractors and trailers by tactfully implementing lighter engines with better torque ratings. For example, by trading in a newer model engine for a lighter engine with similar performance power, some companies find they still receive the same amount of horsepower to reach highway speeds, along with pulling power to carry their average loads, even though they are using a smaller engine. Strategy, planning, and anticipation of future events are all required for successful heavy cargo project management.

Additionally, minimizing weight can come in the form of maximizing necessity. By removing accessories and taking out the passenger seat—aspects not wholly necessary when transporting waste—you can cut pounds from your tractor weight. A lighter vehicle that pulls the same amount of weight required to be transported can lead to a good fuel economy and lower cost of operation.

A unique concern for heavy haul waste transfer services is the harsh terrain of junkyards, scrap yards, and waste facilities that can decrease tire life. Investing in tire pressure monitoring systems can be invaluable for savings on wear and tear costs. Adequately inflated tires can also result in a better fuel economy.

Thinking creatively about all aspects of heavy cargo project management is pivotal for efficient transport. At LTA Logistics, we approach each task at hand with ingenuity and goal-oriented operation. If you are in need of heavy haul services or oversize cargo project management, do not hesitate to contact our team at (888) 502-0582 to learn more.

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