Less than Truckload

An Overview of Less than Truckload

Less than truckload or LTL is one of the most commonly used heavy haul trucking terms. LTL simply means that your shipment does not require one full trailer for transportation. Less than truckload carriers are similar to full truckload carriers and specialize in services such as door to door pick up and delivery, refrigeration and temperature control services etc.

Types of LTL trucks

The less than truckload carriers are usually covered trailers. Some LTL carriers are also equipped with temperature control equipment based on the type of cargo that they transport. Most LTL carriers use pup trailers and usually carry two trailers in tandem. City carriers mostly use cab trucks that provide a greater maneuverability due to a shorter length.

Less than Truckload Rates

The rates of an LTL carrier are generally determined by its class, weight and destination. The charges also increase based on any additional requirements requested by the consignee. The fuel surcharges are next. Fuel surcharges are the costs associated with the fuel price. These charges may vary depending on the current price of the fuel. This is another factor why you should consider LTL for your heavy hauling requirements. LTL will reduce your fuel surcharges when compared to full truckload.

Other charges that might be involved in LTL are accessory charges. These are the additional luxury charges that involve any additional service from the LTL carrier. These services include a delivery and pick up point other than the standard transit point or temperature control. These charges may also vary from one carrier to another. Some carriers may charge based on the percentage of weight or any other parameter while others might may have a flat charge.

Packaging for LTL

LTL carriers require the consignees to follow a DOT standard in packing and labeling the cargo. This is done in order to minimize damage to the cargo and also to any other surrounding products. This procedure can be slightly inconvenient but it is essential as it ensures the safety of your cargo. This can also avoid situations where your cargo gets rejected by LTL carriers and requires a separate freight truck. While the packaging might be an inconvenience it can certainly save you some valuable resources in the long run.

Choose a Professional Transportation Company

Choosing the right carrier is essential whenever transporting any cargo. The right transportation company will take care of all your requirements in a professional manner and ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination unharmed. By engaging the services of a professional transportation company as you can benefit from their extensive knowledge and expertise on transporting any kind of goods. The company will also help you with various aspects of the haul including planning, packing and also assist you in deciding the right mode of transport for your cargo. In addition to this most of the established transportation companies provide insurance for your cargo. This can prove to be very effective in case of any emergency.

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