What Is It Like Working Heavy Equipment Transport?

Heavy equipment transport jobs are among the most sought-after work in the trucking industry. With average pay hitting $80,000 a year, it’s easy to see why. However, becoming a heavy equipment transporter usually necessitates additional training and experience beyond simply obtaining a CDL license.

Heavy equipment transporters are tasked with moving large, expensive equipment. This is often no small task, considering the added pressure of getting the cargo to its destination both on time and completely safe. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes logistical work that goes into heavy equipment transport, such as choosing the route and making sure that it doesn’t have any overpasses that are too low or difficult conditions to navigate. Drivers may also have to drive odd hours to avoid traffic.

The cargo hauled by a heavy equipment transport professional can be quite varied. It may peek over the sides of the truck, or be taller than normal cargo. Some of the equipment you may transport as a heavy equipment transport driver includes:

● Cranes
● Pavers
● Back Hoes
● Bulldozers
● Military Equipment
● Oversize or Overweight Cargo

Moving these larger items requires more mindful driving, which is why heavy equipment transporters earn more money for their services than normal truck drivers. Additionally, they have more regulations to adhere to, making their work all the more challenging.

If you need to move heavy equipment for a project, call the heavy equipment transporters of LTA Logistics at (888) 502-0582. Our professional and courteous logistical experts and driving staff work hard to ensure your equipment is delivered safely and on-time.

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