Why does the Military Use Heavy Equipment Transporter?

Oftentimes, when people discuss a heavy equipment transporter, it is closely tied to military equipment. There is a sound reason for this usage: the phrase is linked to the “heavy equipment transport system,” or HETS, which historically transports tanks and other military hardware.

Why Use Heavy Equipment Transporters?

It can be confusing to consider why the military would use one vehicle to transport another vehicle. Why put a tank on the back of a heavy equipment transporter when you could just drive the tank to where it needs to be instead? There are a few reasons for this practice. First, it reduces the wear on the tank. Having any part of the tank wear out when it is most necessary can mean the difference between life and death for its crew. Next, the transporter can tow any damaged vehicles. Lastly, moving a tank on the bed of a transporter is actually faster than driving the tank itself. This speed can decrease the time it takes to deploy the tank and help reduce fuel costs.

These principles can apply to other heavy military vehicles as well. Heavy equipment transport has seen great improvements over the past several decades and will surely continue to improve its efficiency and safety.

Contact a Heavy Equipment Transporter

Of course, military equipment isn’t the only heavy equipment that can benefit from the services offered by a heavy equipment transporter. At LTA Logistics, we recognize there are many different kinds of heavy equipment that may need to be moved from point A to point B. Our expert drivers and transport specialists are ready to help you make it happen. Call us at (888) 502-0582 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about your needs today.

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