Professional Refrigerated Food Trucking Services


Most of us see large trucks on the road every day. Chances are, many of those vehicles transport something refrigerated. In fact, most of our food, including meat, dairy products, and some produce, gets to us via refrigeration trucking companies.

History of Refrigerated Trucking

Refrigerated food trucking services began in the 1920s when Morris and Company used refrigerated tractors and trailers as an alternative to train delivery. Train systems were often slow and suffered many mechanical breakdowns and other delays. This caused loss of temperature-sensitive inventory and dissatisfied clients. Portable air conditioning units, as well as vans with ice bunkers, enhanced refrigerated trucking services in the 1930s and ‘40s. Today, refrigerated trucking services use highly sophisticated cold chain logistics to deliver any goods that must be kept refrigerated.

Where Refrigerated Trucking Services Are Used

As noted, refrigerated trucking service is usually thought of in terms of food. While food delivery is vital, refrigerated trucking serves other purposes, too. For instance, most medical supplies and medications need to be stored at specific temperatures to maintain effectiveness. Large supplies of blood can reach hospitals and blood banks through this service when necessary, as can great quantities of ice used in morgues. Refrigeration can also be crucial for inventory delivered to chemical plants, mines, or farms and ranches. Most (if not all) of the chemicals and gases these industries use require temperature regulation.

LTA’s Refrigeration Services

Finding a provider for refrigerated food trucking services can be difficult. The current driver shortage means more drivers are being hired without commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) or other pertinent qualifications. This can lead to many safety and integrity concerns when it comes to delivering temperature-sensitive material. All LTA drivers must have CDLs or a commercial learner’s permit (CLP) before entering the field.

We transport all kinds of refrigerated loads, including food and pharmaceuticals. We stay in constant communication with our drivers and verify all trailer seals upon pick-up and delivery. We use both flatbed and step deck trucks, allowing our clients to choose the vehicles that will best serve their loads. Our drivers are all well versed in cold chain logistics and will ensure your refrigerated inventory gets to its destination safely at the perfect temperature.


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