Using the Right Trailer for the Heavy Haul Trucking Job

Much of the success in any heavy haul trucking job depends on using the appropriate trailer for a given load. Depending on the design, different trailers vary in their height, loading ability, climate control, capacity and so on.

Lowboy trailers are one of the most commonly utilized types of trailers. A lowboy trailer, as the name suggests, is one with an extremely low deck. While most trailers have decks that rest on a level above the wheels, the main deck of a lowboy actually sits between and below the wheels. The deck of the trailer is where the load sits, so having a low deck means that taller-than-usual loads can be carried. Lowboy trailers are popular because a lot of industrial and construction equipment exceeds the normal height restriction of eight feet.

A “reefer” is another common type of trailer. In the heavy haul trucking industry, the term “reefer” is used to refer to refrigerated trailers. These trailers are designed to accommodate the wide range of loads that perish if their temperature is not constantly regulated. Food items like meat or dairy are obvious candidates here, because of the potential for bacteria growth and spoilage. But in addition to food, some prescriptions and other medicinal products also require refrigerated transport. Reefers are extremely common because of the demand for produce and other food products to be easily available even when they are out of season. Reefer trailers are unique, because the laws that regulate them can and do change. Recently, new regulations were implemented requiring the collection and maintenance of temperature data of refrigerated trailers. Heavy haul trucking companies therefore need to follow updates to regulation closely in order to stay legal.

You may have heard the name Landoll but wondered why this brand of trailer is so popular. Landoll is a company that invented the traveling-axle trailer, which is widely used for its ability to easily load shipments straight from the ground onto its deck. Due to an innovative design, the entire deck of a Landoll trailer can tilt back and form an extremely low angle with the ground, allowing for equipment to simply be driven onto it. Other trailers don’t have this ability, which means their load must be raised by some other piece of equipment.

Selecting the correct trailer for a load can make a huge difference in terms cost, safety, and legality. Whatever the load you are shipping, LTA Logistics can supply the best equipment and expertise for the job. If you have a job, call (888) 502-0582 to learn more about how LTA Logistics will best serve your heavy haul trucking needs.

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