Heavy Haul Trucking Companies: Major Corridors Used

Heavy haul trucking companies are among the most frequent users of many of the highway corridors that cross the country. Information from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) shows that highways receive the most traffic from freight lines. The FHWA also tracks which highways have 8,500 trucks use them on a daily basis. They chose this number because 8,500 is the daily number of trucks needed to move 50 million tons of cargo in a year.

Heavy Haul Trucking Company

Heavy haul trucking companies and independent truckers carry as much as 60% of the freight transported across the United States. This is a staggering amount of cargo to move around, and many people are totally unaware of the logistical challenges presented by making this movement a possibility. What’s more, all of this cargo is transferred using relatively few roadways.

Most Popular Routes for Heavy Cargo

Heavy haul trucking companies know which routes are the most efficient ones to take to deliver cargo from one side of the country to another. These are the routes that, according to the FHWA, carry at least 50 million tons of cargo on a yearly basis:

For East to West traffic:I-80, I-90, I-81, I-10, I-85, I-43, I-94

For North to South traffic: I-75, I-35, I-45

I-5 and SH 99 handle extensive amounts of cargo in California specifically.

These roadways are expansive, so the entire highway does not necessarily see incredible numbers of cargo traffic every single day. Many of the stretches of these highways that receive the densest traffic are concentrated around and in between major cities. Other stretches remain relatively sparse. This setup makes sense because moving items into the Midwest is easiest by road, but a lot of cargo coming to the coasts arrives by water. Nevertheless, heavy haul trucking companies are able to navigate around the dense traffic and traverse the great distances between areas on the highways.

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Heavy haul trucking requires a deep knowledge of the infrastructure and trends in cargo traffic to operate efficiently and at scale. At LTA Logistics, we have over 55 years of combined experience operating a heavy haul trucking company. With experience comes the knowledge of how to move a variety of cargo with great efficiency and minimal expense. To speak with one of our heavy haul trucking experts, contact us at (888) 502-0582.

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies – The Cases for And Against Speed Limiters

Speed limiters have been the topic of increased debate among those in the trucking industry. A rule mandating speed limiters, devices that put a hard limit on the top speed a vehicle can reach, was proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in December. If approved, the rule would set a limit on truck speeds at somewhere between 60 and 68 mph. Many heavy haul trucking companies are in disagreement as to whether the proposed rule is harmful or beneficial to the industry.

Safety Regulations | Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Cases for and against the proposed speed limiter rule make a variety of arguments from numerous points of view. In many instances, the point of view an individual has adopted relies on the types of heavy haul trucking companies they are part of. The decision will ultimately rest with the FMCSA, but it has been considering a great deal of the input expressed by interested parties.

Arguments for the Speed Limiter Rule

It is no secret that speed makes any vehicle accident more serious. One of the arguments for the speed limiter rule is that a hard limit on speed will translate into a reduction in the severity and incidence of any trucking accidents that might occur.

Another point for the speed limiter mandate is that the FMCSA believes it would reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses through reducing the amount of fuel trucks use. This could have a big impact on reducing the amount of the country’s overall carbon emissions.

Arguments against the Speed Limiter Rule

Many of the arguments against the speed limiter mandate also address safety concerns. On many highways across the country, the speed limit is well above the speed allowed by the limiters. This means trucks will be forced to be slower than other traffic. Many truck drivers argue this will cause people to make dangerous maneuvers to get around them, making roadways less safe as a result.

Truck drivers also argue that a forced speed limit will reduce the options available to them in times of danger. Sometimes, the best solution to a hazard on the roadway is to go faster rather than slow down. Removing that option from a truck driver’s toolkit can put more people at risk.

They also claim that the limit to the maximum speed will hurt their bottom lines. The United States is a big country, and every reduction in velocity will add up over time. Deliveries will take longer to complete, which will result in more trucks on the road, counteracting any fuel and emissions savings that the rule may have created.

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Regardless of whether or not the rule stands, people are still going to need their heavy haul cargo delivered, and heavy haul trucking companies will still have a lot of work to do. To speak with a professional heavy haul trucking company, call LTA Logistics at (888) 502-0582.

Heavy Haul Trucking New Technologies

Since it became the nation’s leading method of transporting goods in the early 1900’s, heavy haul trucking has undergone dramatic evolutions to make it more efficient than ever before. With the advent of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and other breakthroughs in technology, one can wonder what all this new innovation will have in store for the heavy haul trucking industry. Thankfully, the creation of these new technologies will only make transporting goods cross-country more cost efficient as well as faster.

heavy haul trucking

The trucking industry has had its difficulties recruiting new drivers for many years, this shortage of drivers have elevated costs for both the customer and heavy haul trucking companies. However, truck manufacturers have taken notice and have begun to create new trucks that are designed to keep driver retention high and appeal to new truck drivers. These new technologies include things such as automated manuals, active safety systems, and more efficient engines. All of this new technology culminates and allows for heavy haul truck drivers to experience an easier and safer driving experience.

At LTA Logistics, we strive to ensure that all of our drivers have all the amenities they need during the drive to prevent excessive driver fatigue and reduce the chances of a traffic accident. Our entire fleet of trucks meets and exceeds all government safety regulations so that we can protect our drivers and our client’s cargo. Contact an experienced heavy haul trucking company at (888) 502-0582 to learn more about our company today.

The Importance of Adhering to Safety Regulations

While safety should be near the very core of every heavy haul trucking company, some, unfortunately, overlook certain procedures and take shortcuts. Luckily, there is an organization dedicated to making sure that trucking companies adhere to a strict set of safety regulations.

Safety Regulations | Heavy Haul Trucking Company

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates trucking in the Unites States; its mission is to prevent fatalities and injuries that are caused by commercial vehicles. The FMCSA has developed an array of stricter regulations that work towards this goal. For example, the FMCSA sets the safety regulations that govern drug testing, procedures for those hauling hazardous material, and the limits concerning the number of hours that a driver can stay behind the wheel.

The hours-of-service safety regulations vary between property-carrying drivers and passenger-carrying drivers, but they each require drivers to spend a certain amount of time off duty before they can hit the road again. Any driver who is impaired by fatigue is dangerous, but given the increased size of heavy haul trucking loads, it’s extremely important for heavy haul truck drivers to follow these safety regulations.

In addition to formulating and enforcing various safety regulations, the FMCSA also makes efforts to prevent accidents through education. Their website has sections devoted to reminding drivers of the simple efforts that aid in accident-prevention, like buckling up, double-checking maps, and remaining free of distraction on the road.

At LTA Logistics, our drivers are committed to following all safety regulations set by the FMCSA. We make every effort to transport loads as quickly as possible but in a safe and responsible manner. When heavy haul trucking companies take shortcuts, accidents can happen. If you have a load that needs transporting and want to learn more about how we can best accommodate your needs, call LTA Logistics at (888) 502-0582.

Heavy Haul Trucking Industry Determined to Improve Safety

For the same reasons as trucking in general, heavy haul trucking can be dangerous for other people on the road if the proper safety measures are not implemented and adhered to. While most trucking companies make great efforts to ensure their drivers are trained, trucks are well maintained, and loads are delivered quickly, sometimes their efforts are not enough. Additional safety measures can work wonders in reducing the chances that a trucking accident may occur.

heavy haul truckingTrucking Accidents

Trucking accidents happen every day. Last year, there were 30,000 injuries attributed to trucking accidents. On top of that, more than 4,000 people were killed in trucking-related accidents. With all of these deaths and injuries in mind, there is no a question we could all benefit from improved safety in the heavy haul trucking industry. The majority of the people who are hurt in these incidences are not the truckers, but individuals traveling in smaller vehicles.

Safety Improvements

It’s easy to agree that more safety is good, but it can be hard to determine what that should look like. There are a lot of ideas out there. One idea that’s been tossed around is putting speed limiters on trucks. Such devices would limit a heavy haul trucking vehicle’s maximum speed to some set amount, probably topping out at about 65mph. Higher speeds make vehicle accidents more devastating, so hopefully putting a cap on how fast a truck can move can help limit how destructive accidents involving them may be. Some other safety measures heavy haul trucking companies may consider include:

  • Stronger underride guards
  • Improved roadway visibility
  • Disc brakes
  • Better windshield wipers
  • LED Headlights
  • Cameras that show blind spots
  • Technology that warns when drivers are drifting out of their lane

Trucking accidents are a blight on our roadways, so working to limit or eliminate them completely can lead to many economic and social benefits. At LTA Logistics, we value safety in the heavy haul trucking industry and strive to make sure all of our drivers are well trained and well rested.

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If you are considering using the services of a heavy haul trucking company, call LTA Logistics at (888) 502-0582 to learn more about the services we have available.

Heavy Haul Trucking The Added Safety of Pilot Cars

Heavy haul trucking involves transporting larger-than-usual loads. Given the added complexities and challenges that come with oversized loads, extra safety precautions need to be taken. This is precisely why pilot cars, also known as escort vehicles, are used: to ensure a load reaches its destination safely and on-time.

heavy haul trucking company

There are usually two pilot cars per oversized load–one ahead of the load and one behind. Pilot cars come equipped with a CB Radio and are often decorated with signs and lights that make them stand out.

Not only does this alert other cars on the road to the presence of an oversized load in the area, but allows the driver of an oversize load to always know what’s ahead and behind on the road. For instance, if there is heavy traffic or lane closures up the road, the driver of an oversized load will know to plan accordingly and avoid a dangerous situation. Similarly, if an emergency vehicle is coming up behind an oversized load, the driver of the load will know not to do anything to interfere with the emergency vehicle or compromise the heavy haul trucking cargo. It’s also important to alert other drivers to the presence of an oversized load, to minimize the chance of an accident caused by another driver’s oblivious behavior.

Pilot cars also travel with maps and other emergency equipment like fire extinguishers and road flares, so that in the case of an emergency, the driver of the oversized load isn’t left alone. Pilot car drivers also help to ensure that the driver of an oversized load doesn’t unknowingly break the speed limit or other traffic law.

State laws regarding pilot cars vary, depending on the nature of the load. While some states only require one pilot car for an oversized vehicle, others require two, and some require special pilot cars if the load is over a certain height. Any good heavy haul trucking company will be able to cater to the needs of a given load, and supply the appropriate pilot vehicles for a client. Pilot vehicles are just one of many safety precautions that LTA Logistics refuses to overlook. If you have an oversized load that you need moved and are looking for a heavy haul trucking company, call LTA Logistics at (888) 502-0582.

Heavy Equipment Transporter Ensuring the Safety of Your Heavy Equipment

When  relying on a heavy equipment transporter to deliver your package, it is expected the safety of your load will be ensured throughout the delivery. However, during a long delivery, plenty of things can go awry. From simple theft to incorrectly secured equipment, the trips can be unpredictable and anyone looking for a heavy equipment transporter needs to be able to feel confident in the service they choose.

LTA Logistics - Heavy Equipment Transporter

As a consumer, you may feel as if there are few things that can be done to ensure the safety of your package. However, through a few simple actions, you can maximize the probability of a successful delivery. Some helpful tips are listed below:

● Do plenty of research to find the best heavy equipment transporter
● Be present when your cargo is being picked up
● Inquire about the security of your package
● Look for experienced drivers
● Check the route and ensure it is safe

Working with a heavy haul trucking company should leave you with little doubt that your cargo, be it heavy construction equipment, military hardware, or refrigerated goods, will arrive at its destination safely and on time. Anything less is not worth your consideration.

At LTA Logistics, our drivers are qualified, certified, experienced, and meet all U.S. regulations. We do our best to plan out the safest routes for our deliveries, acquire all necessary transport permits, and find the most secure places for your heavy haul to spend nights. If you or someone you know is looking for a heavy equipment transporter, contact our offices today at (888) 502-0582 to learn more about ensuring the safety of your haul.

Choosing a Heavy Haul Trucking Company

Moving anything is a pain. As the size of the haul gets bigger so does the hassle of dealing with it. Whether it be a car or heavy machinery, everyone wants the best, most dedicated heavy haul trucking company to assist in their move. Thankfully, if you are able to follow a few simple tips, it is easy to find a reliable and safe delivery service. Some of these helpful tips include:

• Looking for companies that have business accreditations
• Finding a heavy haul company that has a long history
• Request a driver with plenty of experience
• Ensure their trucks are new and up to specifications
• Be there when the trucker loads the haul

Researching trucking companies may seem tedious, but the extra time spent will undoubtedly yield many benefits.

Heavy Haul Trucking Company | Heavy Haul Trucking

Benefits of a Good Heavy Haul Trucking Company

The extravagant stories of aggressive truckers, carelessly damaging their loads have tarnished many people’s views of heavy haul trucking companies. However, there are still numerous dependable and passionate trucking companies delivering cargo on the road today. These trustworthy companies provide many benefits some of which include:

• Ease of mind for the sender
• On-time deliveries
• Reduced likelihood of damages to haul
• Safe and courteous drivers

These are only a few of the many benefits to employing a tested transportation service. The transportation industry is filled with unpredictable variables such as weather and traffic. Because of this, it is imperative that you employ an experienced and dependable heavy haul trucking company to deliver your cargo safely and on time.

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At LTA Logistics, we understand that moving large objects is a hassle that nobody wants to deal with. We strive to make this ordeal as easy as possible for our clients by providing extensive training for our drivers. If you or someone you know is looking for a heavy haul trucking company, call LTA Logistics at 888-503-0582 to speak with a qualified heavy load transportation specialist.

Heavy Haul Trucking Safety Matters

As opposed to the transportation of lighter cargo loads, heavy haul trucking is rife with environmental hazards, state regulations, and infrastructural difficulties that require careful planning in order to safely arrive at a destination with cargo intact. There are a medley of factors that heavy haul truckers have to be aware of at all times in order to successfully complete a job, from finding approved routes that permit heavy hauling to proper maneuvering under bridges, wires, and narrow roadways. Because the trucking industry must constantly be on guard for liability issues, following safety protocols and permit guidelines closely is of the utmost importance. This prudence begins at driver training and extends until the cargo in haul is safely at its intended location.

Heavy Haul Trucking Safety Matters

Driver Training For Heavy Haul Trucking Safety

Training heavy haul drivers is a top priority. Typically, trucking companies require years of experience before they allow a new driver to represent them. This is due to the intensive demands that trucking duties require, including transporting the cargo, unloading the freight, operating heavy machinery, and ensuring the correct load securements, insurance, permits, and licenses are in place. Experienced heavy haulers are usually in high demand, so it is not uncommon for trucking companies to try and keep their drivers happy so that they will stay loyal. Unlike less experienced truckers, the drivers at LTA Logistics, Inc. are professionals who are highly trained to weather the physical, mental, and emotional demands that heavy hauling requires.

Making Sure the Load is Secure

When moving heavy equipment, it is imperative to ensure the cargo is securely in place. Drivers must correctly chain down their load so that it is securely attached to the trailer. Additionally, they must know how to properly transport the heavy machinery down the highway. This requires a constant awareness of the dimensions of their load and if the proportions are acceptable in relation to highway regulations and unpredictable obstructions. Failing to properly secure cargo is a serious detriment to everyone on the road.

Improvements in Safety Technology

Thanks to the tech boom of the 21st century, drivers now have better ways to transport their cargo that may make it easier to carry out their duties. GPS allows truckers to re-route themselves in the event that they get stuck behind an obstruction or encounter closed roads. Crash ratings on vehicles are improved and better ergonomics in the truck are making drivers more comfortable. Additionally, the prevalence of electronic information can make scheduling and logistics more efficient and allow for easier communication.

These are just some of the many protocols and trucking safety regulations must be followed where heavy haul trucking is concerned. Heavy haul trucking requires an extensive amount of discipline, precision, and anticipation of unexpected events—this necessitates the services of a professional heavy haul trucking company. If all of the logistical details were not considered in advance, the successful transportation of heavy cargo would be impossible. LTA Logistics has a combined 55 years of experience in the heavy haul trucking business and is ready to take on the toughest projects. Call us at 888-502-0582 to learn more about our services.

Hauling Refrigerated Items – How to Safely Transport Perishables

Identifying Perishable Items
Transporting goods that require a specific environment can be a challenging feat. The items and conditions set for the heavy haul trucking companies prevent a number of risks that come with improperly transporting goods. The first step in preparing to haul perishable items is to identify if the product requires refrigeration. The Perishable Cargo Regulations Manual (PCR) which sets the worldwide standard for transporting sensitive goods defines perishables as anything that will spoil over a given amount of time if exposed to certain temperatures. These items include meats, dairy products, and some prescriptions.

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies | Heavy Haul Trucking

Risks in Hauling Chilled Items
There are a number of hazards that can reduce the quality of temperature-sensitive goods when being transported. Other then the obvious risk of keeping the items at an inadequate temperature, there are many ways that the quality of goods merchandise can be compromised. A major issue is cross-contamination due to careless handling or packing. This can cause serious health risks and financial loss for those involved. Additionally, there are risks in using equipment that is unsanitized or unregulated which can cause issues with pest control and quality. Some hauling businesses practice improper temperature control and loading techniques and may store cargo in inadequate conditions before putting it on the truck. Therefore it is important to invest in heavy haul trucking companies that will professionally handle goods of all types.

Restrictions in the Transportation Process
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the PCR work to make the transportation of refrigerated goods as risk-free as possible. One restriction is that the heavy haul trucks that transport refrigerated goods must be cleanable and capable of maintaining the temperatures set to transport the cargo. Stock must also be loaded in a way that prevents the cross-contamination mentioned previously. Training is also an important restriction for those transporting perishable items. The carrier personnel must be educated in handling the conditions of all types of products and have a certification. Overall, the vehicle must be sanitary and temperature controlled, the goods must be packed professionally, and the staff must be skilled enough to be responsible for the goods.

Transporting with LTA Logistics
One of the main services at LTA Logistics is our accommodations for refrigerated trucking. Our workers have experience in the heavy haul trucking business and are highly qualified to work with any type of perishable good. LTA Logistics guarantees sound and careful decisions in handling cargo and understand how to prevent the risks that come with transporting perishables. Any business or individual can contact us for the help of trained officials who can keep their cargo cool and ready to carry. Please do not hesitate to book our services.