What is Power Only Trucking?


“Power only trucking” is a familiar term in the heavy haul industry, but it may confuse clients or new drivers. Most people don’t know what power only trucking is or what makes it better than other forms of trucking. Today, we’re going to cover how this type of oversize trucking helps drivers of heavy haul loads.

What Is Power Only Trucking?

Power only trucking occurs when a client has already purchased a vehicle or trailer but uses a logistics company or independent driver’s tractor to move inventory. In other words, the client is using only the power of the company’s machine, not the trailers or drivers. Many heavy haul industry companies use power only trucking and shipping for heavy haul loads to stretch the resources they have without overburdening drivers. It’s common to see power only trucking companies that receive hundreds, if not thousands, of orders at one time.

When Do You Use Power Only?

As with anything in the heavy hauling industry, power only trucking works best in certain scenarios. It’s often used for heavy equipment trucking, especially machines that aren’t moved often. Many drivers use power only to transport operation centers after a natural disaster.

These operation centers can include equipment for cleanup, blood donation, medical checkups, and more. Additionally, drivers who attend many trade shows or exhibits a year might use power only to transport their booth and other equipment to their exhibitions. You’ll also find power only trucking on job sites in construction or large office complexes.

Does LTA Offer Power Only Services?

Yes, we do. We’re well known for our local runs and heavy haul load transportation. We meet with each driver individually to agree on pickup and unloading times, the type of vehicle that will be used, and how much freight will be hauled per run. During a power only run, we stay in constant communication to ensure you’re safe and comfortable and that your freight remains in good condition. We can help you save the time and money it would normally take to hire a driver and trailer and ensure your shipments and services reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.

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